Roasted Root Vegetables

The definition of roasting is to cook (meat or other food) by direct exposure to dry heat, as on a spit. Well, I dont have spit, but I do have an oven!

My mom has made roasted root vegetables as long as I can remember. They are one of my favorite things ever (yes, I probably say that about a lot of things, but I mean it this time…and every other time, too…). This side dish, and really anything roasted, is great to entertain with because it usually takes 45 mins to an hour to roast and you can finish your makeup or pick up whatever your cat/kids/husband has knocked over while you were cooking. The second perk is that roasting is extremely easy. Toss it with some seasonings and olive oil, stir every 15-20 minutes, and an hour later – ta-da! Done! (more…)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Hummus is something that I was always scared of as a kid. I think that’s because I didn’t really know what was in it. I’ve tasted it a few times that I can remember, but never really liked it. Though, I’ve always heard that it’s a really good and healthy snack. A few weekends ago, we went to a Mediterranean restaurant with a couple friends and they ordered the hummus. It was AMAZING. I think my tastebuds have changed – and so, I decided to make my own.

After researching online, I found a recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Hummus at Cooks Illustrated. I am a huge fan of Cooks Illustrated, as you’ll come to find out, because they test recipes hundreds of times if needed to get it right. This one appealed to me because I LOVE roasted bell peppers. I’ll have to do a post about how to make your own soon.

I also decided that using store bought tahini wasn’t good enough for me, I had to make my own (I couldn’t find any after two stores and gave up, but that doesn’t really matter, does it?). Tahini is a sesame seed paste, so I hoped it wouldn’t be hard to make. After researching online with The Google (as my husband calls it), turns out it’s pretty simple.  (more…)

Homemade Cheese Crackers

It’s been almost a year since my first blog post on the test site and lots has happened since then! I’ve been promoted at work to a Supervisor, my husband began his own computer business (shameless plug – couldn’t help it!), and the best news of all – my nephew was born! It’s been a great year and I’m so happy to begin – officially!

And now on to the cooking…most of us remember snacking on Goldfish when we were kids and then we moved on to the more grown-up version – the CheezeIt. Though I must confess…Goldfish are still one of my favorite snacks. One thing I enjoy making are homemade versions of everyone’s favorite processed foods – after all, wouldn’t you want to know what’s in the food that you and your family eat? So when I saw this – I had to try it!

This recipe has been passed around a few blogs, but I first saw it on Tasty Kitchen. I don’t have pictures of the creation of the dough, but if you’ve ever made pie dough, it’s very similar. Start with your flour, cold cubed butter, salt, and grated cheddar cheese in your food processor. Pulse until the dough resembles sand. Then, while continuing to pulse, slowly stream in the cold water until the dough comes together. Take it out and wrap the cheesy goodness in plastic wrap and let it rest for 20 minutes in the fridge. (more…)

Hello World

Never did I think I’d be writing a blog. But here I am, so…here goes!

My name is Bethany and I’m 22. I’ve been married to my best friend since June of last year and couldn’t be happier.

I graduated college in December of 2009 with a degree in Finance. By day I work at a mortgage company, but by night I’m the typical wife and friend with an extreme passion for food. (more…)